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Kelowna-Lake Country has consistently delivered strong Conservative representation to Ottawa to ensure government reflects its grassroots values of common sense fiscal management, solid job creation and support for all taxpayers including singles, seniors & hardworking families.

As a father of 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren, I believe it is important to retain a strong balance on the environment with economic growth. Responsible managing of our resources so we have the funds to pay for health care, education and social programs.

“One of the best things about representing the communities in Kelowna-Lake Country is helping people work through government regulations and bureaucracies. You can’t always get the outcome people want, but you can at least get them an answer and an explanation.”

“I also see it as my job to get as many of our tax dollars back to Kelowna-Lake Country as possible and we’ve achieved that by working together over the 19 years to develop strong partnerships in all levels of government including the private & non-profit sectors. Job creating accomplishments to date include record investments in airport, health care, high-tech projects, environmental stewardship initiatives, programs designed to assist homeless young people and trades training, working to make transit more efficient and investing in infrastructure including water, safe bike lanes, pathways and roads.”

I strive to make myself as accessible and available to help anyway I can.

On October 19th, please re-elect Ron Cannan as your Kelowna-Lake Country voice in Ottawa.

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Thank you!

“For all of those who have over the past decade and a half built our party and contributed to our campaign, you have our deepest gratitude and you should feel nothing but pride … Never forget, that due to your efforts, our country stands tall today. We have built a Canada that is stronger than […]


Kelsey Shean: Ron has my vote

UBC Okanagan student Kelsey Shean is supporting Ron Cannan on October 19.     “I know I’m going to graduate by the end of the year and I’m looking for a job. Harper’s supported small businesses and big businesses and they’re been able to create opportunities for people like me,” said Shean.  


Brad Bennett: Ron has my vote

  Brad Bennett, President of McIntosh Properties, is supporting Ron Cannan on October 19.     “Ron’s got a proven track record in the Okanagan,” said Bennett. “He’s always willing to take a call. He’s always willing to help where he’s needed. He’s a get-it-done kind of guy. We need more people like Ron in […]


Jeffrey Martel: Ron has my vote

  Jeffrey Martel, who is studying Earth and environmental science at UBC Okanagan, is voting for Ron Cannan.      


Jeff Keen: Ron has my vote

  Jeff Keen, director of the Kelowna Innovation Society, says he supports Ron Cannan on October 19.     “When it comes to economic development, job creation, and supporting the technology and innovative business community, Ron has always been at the front of the line and a great supporter for our initiatives,” said Keen.   […]


David MacLean Jr: Ron has my vote

  UBC Okanagan student David MacLean Jr. is voting for Ron Cannan.     “Ron has been a phenomenal advocate for this community,” said MacLean Jr. The international relations student said he was helped personally by Cannan. “Through his advice and help, I was able to find relevant work in Ottawa and gain an incredible […]


Dave MacLean: Ron has my vote

  Dave MacLean, chair at the Executive Committee Canada, supports Ron Cannan.     “Great leadership is always built on great character,” said MacLean who works with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs. “Ron Cannan has fabulous character. He’s a man of integrity. He’s a man of honesty. He has great work ethic. He values all members […]


Michael J Ballingall: Ron has my vote

  Michael J Ballingall, Senior Vice-President for Big White Ski Resort, supports Ron Cannan.     “My friend Ron has helped tourism in the Okanagan Valley,” said Ballingall, who is also chairman for Thompson-Okanagan Tourism Commission. “When we had a problem with the temporary foreign workers visa, we reached out to Ron Cannan who helped […]


Gerry Zimmermann: Ron has my vote

  Former Kelowna fire chief and city councillor Gerry Zimmermann supports Ron Cannan.     “The things that I look for in our political leadership are honesty, commitment and the ability to do the right thing. I found that both as fire chief and as city councillor that Ron had those qualities,” said Zimmermann. “He […]


Barry Lapointe: Ron has my vote

  KF Aerospace President and Owner Barry Lapointe supports Ron Cannan.     “As a member of Parliament for our area he’s always available, he’s very influential with the other people in government and he can get the job done,” said Lapointe. “He knows the area, he knows the cities, and he know what’s going […]


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